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Surrey Expands & Enhances Cycling Network

The City of Surrey will complete over 70 actions for change in order to create a more cycling-friendly community. A new comprehensive Cycling Plan will be unveiled at Council tonight which is focused around four key principles: Expanding and improving the on- and off-street cycling network; Increasing the availability, quality and variety of end-of-trip facilities; Keeping the network safe, visible, and in good condition; Promoting safe cycling as a healthy, fun, affordable and sustainable way to travel

”Our new Cycling Plan provides clear direction, strategies and increased focus on this active and cost-effective mode of transportation,” says Mayor Dianne Watts. “The strategy is not just about building bike routes. It addresses all the factors that are important to making cycling a safe, attractive and viable transportation choice.” She adds that many of the most successful and livable cities in the world have high levels of cycling.

The City’s overall investment in cycling infrastructure is now close to 14 per cent of the total transportation budget. The new Cycling Plan and increased funding levels will boost cycling and support the 2040 regional targets, which are:

  • 15 per cent of all trips less than 8 km to be made by bicycle
  • 50 per cent of all cycling trips made by females
  • 15 per cent fewer deaths or serious injuries while cycling

“The plan builds on the 2008 Transportation Strategic Plan and includes new policies and initiatives, as well as action plans that are already underway,” says Councillor Tom Gill, Chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. “It complements our Walking Plan and Greenways Plan which were implemented over the past 18 months.”

The strategy was developed after extensive consultation with key stakeholders, including community and business associations, advocacy and environmental groups, the School District, Health Authority, transportation agencies, and cycling organizations. An online survey, which resulted in 400 responses, was conducted, and an open house was held in 2011 to present information and invite input into the drafts of the Cycling Plan and the Greenways Plan.

For more information and to download a copy of the Cycling Plan, please visit:

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