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The Amazing Race: Cloverdale

The Clova Cinema is havinga fundraiser on Sunday, September 1:
We are still a long way from our digital projector goal and I’m trying to make it so we can get closer. And since the summer is slowly coming to an end, I thought of a fun idea for all of our customers.

The Amazing Race: Cloverdale

How it works: Each group will get their first clue. You must start with the first clue and figure out which business/location it is. When you arrive at the correct location, you must let them know your team number and they will give you the next clue. If you can guess all the locations, the final one will bring you back to the Clova where you will receive your prize. You must keep all the clues with you so we can count them all to make sure you didn’t accidentally miss any.

Since this is a fundraising event, it does cost to enter. Children aged 4-12 are $5, and adults 13+ are $10. All funds are going straight towards our digital projectors. We ask that you send an email to us letting us know you want to participate so that we can plan accordingly. The more the merrier!

Information: Please arrive at the parking lot behind the building between 1:45-2:00 on Sunday, September 1st. We will give your group everything you need including a number you can reach us at if there’s any confusion or mishaps during the race. We don’t have an end-time as of yet since it all depends on how long it will take you guys to finish.

There will be prizes for the first three groups to finish, as well as participation prizes for the rest of the groups.


-Any age can enter. We promote this as a family event.
-You must enter in groups of 4-6. If you cannot find anybody to participate in a group with you, let us know and we will put you in another group. If you are willing to let anybody else join your group, please let us know so we can find people for your group. We ask that there is at least one parent/guardian for each group.
-Please be respectful of other people’s businesses. The businesses that are taking part are kind enough to help out and we would like you to show them respect just like you show us so we can do more stuff like this in the future.
-Please make sure you come to the parking lot behind the building. We will have our regular movies playing while this is going on and we don’t want to disturb any of our customers.

Samantha @ the Clova

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