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Clova Christmas Pageant

Do you like to dance? Or sing? Or perform? Do you know anybody who does? Do you remember when you were in school and would perform during Christmas for your parents? I sure do! We’re looking for enough 5-8 minute acts for a first ever Clova Christmas Pageant! Before I confirm and make this event happen, I would like a total of at least 10 people signed up before Friday. If you are unsure how to put an act together but would like to, gladly ask and I can help with choreography, or finding a skit, or giving some tips you may want.

50% of the proceeds for the evening will go towards our digital conversion, the other 50% will go to a local charity called the People’s Foundation of Sierra Leonne. And as we do every holiday season, we will be collecting food for the Surrey Food Bank.

This is a family-friendly event and is great for the whole family. There is no age minimum, and no age maximum. Each act would need to perform for the Clova staff and get approved to make sure it’s family friendly.

Again, I need at least 8-10 acts or possible acts confirmed by Friday to ensure that I will have enough time to plan this event and make sure everything works out great. The date for the event is to be determined but will most likely be the week before Christmas.


Samantha @ the Clova

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