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CPRA Addresses Cloverdale Rodeo’s Announcement

The Canadian Professional Rodeo Association (CPRA) is aware of the decision made by the Cloverdale Rodeo in Surrey B.C. to no longer hold all sanctioned events at their 2008 rodeo.

The welfare of the livestock involved at all CPRA sanctioned events comes first, they are protected by a strict set of rules and enforcement of them is of the highest priority to the CPRA. The Cloverdale committee made the decision to cancel some selected rodeo events in the future after an unfortunate incident in the tie-down roping event where an animal was injured. The contestant involved was immediately disqualified by the CPRA pro officials and could face further disciplinary action from the CPRA board of directors.

The CPRA understands that the Cloverdale Rodeo is held on property owned by the City of Surrey and the rodeo must comply with local official’s wishes regarding the rodeo. We feel this has contributed to their decision to cancel these events in the rodeo.

The CPRA stands behind the sport of professional rodeo, all events must be conducted under the association’s rules which provide for the proper care and handling of all rodeo livestock.

The CPRA board of directors will further address this incident and the issues surrounding it at their next meeting in June. A decision regarding the CPRA sanctioning of future Cloverdale rodeos will be made if and when an application to sanction the Cloverdale Rodeo is received.

The CPRA has worked diligently over the years to assist the Cloverdale Rodeo in producing a top-notch CPRA sanctioned rodeo. The CPRA board looks forward to reviewing the 2008 sanctioning request and proceeding with what they feel is in the best interest of the CPRA.

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