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Cloverdale Bike Park gets $10,000 boost from Victory Christian Centre – Cloverdale Online Blog

Cloverdale Bike Park gets $10,000 boost from Victory Christian Centre

The Cloverdale bike park, located at the Cloverdale Athletic Park, recently underwent a significant overhaul. On Saturday October 13th and 20th, over 30 volunteers from the Victory Christian Centre rolled up their sleeves, put on a smile and went to work, removing rocks, tree roots and branches and compacting the soil throughout the park. Following the hard physical labour, the church followed up with a generous cash donation of $10,000 to the Bike Park project. Funds will go toward an addition to the Cloverdale bike park, offering a smaller racetrack with lower jumps primarily benefiting younger children. The cheque presentation occurred on Tuesday November 27th, with Councillor Linda Hepner accepting the cheque on behalf of the City from Pastor John Burns representing the Cristian Centre.

“This project is a great example of the community and the City working together to improve our park system”, said City of Surrey Councillor Linda Hepner. “The project would not have occurred this year or at the same level of significance without the energy and passion of the Victory Christian Centre and the volunteers they engaged over the past year. With their energy and hard work, this bike park will now serve as wonderful community legacy for the enjoyment of local families for many years to come”.

Cloverdale Athletic Park is located at 168 Street and 64 Avenue. Visit to find out more on the City’s parks system.

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